In this digital age, the focus is drifting from conventional marketing towards Mobile App Marketing, as the user base for mobile phones has been widely expanding. So, to stand out from your competition, it is vital to avoid doing some common mistakes that a mobile app marketing agency does.

Don’t build or launch an app without proper plans to promote!

Without proper promotional plans, your app is more likely to fail. This is because of the fact that the competition is intense. It is of foremost importance that people know what your app does and in what way it is superior to other co-existing apps. Optimize well and make sure that it gets right in front of the people’s eyes when they search for something of that sort.

Don’t forget that desktop platforms are different from mobile platforms!

There are numerous differences between the features of a desktop device and a mobile device. Attention should be given to nuances for ensuring better user experience. Don’t try to incorporate the same strategies as you used for your web-version while developing for mobile devices.

Don’t forget that making the users download the app is not the end!

A mobile app marketing service does not end soon after people have downloaded and installed the app. The retention factor is a very important aspect that determines the success of an app. People should not forget about the app after using it for a while. Keep the app as interactive as possible. Continue the association with the users even after they have installed it. Get feedback from the existing users. This will help improve the user experience and fix the bugs, if any.

Don’t try to merely create a miniature version of a website!

People usually begin with creating a website. Then, they make the mobile version of it and launch in the name of an app. This is a very common error done by newbies in the industry.

But, why is this a very big mistake? Easy handling of mobile phones encourage people to rely on it for many purposes. You should make use of this by providing the best-ever content and the most useful information.

Don’t ignore your users!

Above everything, active users should always be there at the back of your mind. Gratify your users by giving them welcome coupons or gifts. Keep reminding them that they are valuable to you. Happy clients positively affect the growth of your business.

With all that said, it is the part of the mobile app marketing company to take appropriate measures so as to avoid repeating the same errors over and over again!

Source Url: https://medium.com/@danpeterjk/5-mobile-app-marketing-mistakes-you-need-to-avoid-a82bdb303fc7

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